interview plant addict #11 Warsaw Jungle

interview plant addict #11 Warsaw Jungle

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What is your favourite plant?

It changes all the time, actually it's philodendron but for a long time it was calathea in all it's varieties.

How many plants do you have at home?

Almost 90! When we lived on 22 square metres we had about 70, now we have more space and the collection grows.


What is your job?

We both work in the music business, Beata as visual content creator, Remek as a music producer.



Why do you like plants?

Because they don't talk, nor bark, don't need walks and don't make too much mess ;) But seriously, they are just nice natural objects to have around and look at because of all that shapes and colours. It's a nice escape for the eye and the mind in the middle of a city.



Do you have a special anecdote related to plants to tell us?

Once we found two huge dracaenas... in the dustbin by our flat! They were squeezed by the flap of that dustbin, we decided to take them out, Beata had to jump in that dustbin to lift them. We still have them, they are doing fine. 

What is your oldest plant?

Aloe, Beata got a piece of it from her father 13 years ago (so actually it's older than that 13 years). 

What is your most recent?

Sanseverias, about eight of them, all placed in the bedroom, because they produce oxygen, which is good for sleeping.

A maintenance tip that you would like to share?

Above all observation. You can read a lot of books about plants and dig through dozens of internet forums, but the plants you possess won't have the same conditions as plants of someone else's. Of course you have to take some suggestions, but watching and reacting is the most important thing.


What is your plant on top of your wishlist that you are always looking for?

We dreamed about monstera variegata for a while and finally got one! Now we would like to have aglaonema pictum tricolor, it's fabulous.


Their instagram account : @warsawjungle
Use this hashtag to join their communauty #warsawjungle

4 commentaires


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