interview plant addict #8 devgrimes

interview plant addict #8 devgrimes

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what is your favorite plant?

I don’t know if I have one. I love how vastly different plants can be- the shape of a plant is the most intriguing to me. Right now I’m really into my Chinese money plant. 


How many plants do you have at home?

I have about 25 plants...sounds like a lot for a studio apartment but some are very small.


Have you always had a green thumb or do you remember how you got the green virus?

Unfortunately, I don’t have the greenest thumb. A lot of people assume florists are good with plants but we work with cut product so none of it is still alive or growing at the time we use it- it’s more design work. I became a florist because it seemed like a practical way for me to apply my background in painting to a job but I didn’t have any experience with flowers or plants beforehand. There are a lot of plant shops in the NYC flower market so I’ve acquired a lot of plants from those shops and from other events I’ve worked. Plant parenting has and continues to be a challenge for me though.


What is your job?

I’m a florist and designer.


why do you like plants?

I like plants because they bring a little bit of life to my apartment. They are also a personal responsibility and help me create a small weekly routine which is important for me to have because as a freelancer, my schedule can be all over the place.


what is your oldest plant?

My oldest plant is a large fiddle leaf fig tree. His name is Albert and I’ve had him for 5 years. He’s gone through a lot. That type of tree hates to be moved so over the years, he’s dropped a lot of leaves. Thankfully, he just adjusted to my new apartment and grew a new arm of huge leaves.


what is your most recent?

My best friend just got engaged and mailed me a small white phalaenopsis orchid to ask me to be her maid of honor. It’s very cute but fragile.


a maintenance tip that you would like to share?

I seem to over water plants so I guess try not to do that but it’s really a gamble depending on the plant.


What is your plant on top of your whishlist that you are always looking for? If you can draw it it would be great :-)

I have so many plants that I don’t really have a wishlist at the moment. I kind of just collect them as a come across them. I recently got a small agave plant- I love its blueish hue!

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