interview plant addict #5 flipaflora

interview plant addict #5 flipaflora

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what is your favorite plant?

—my most favorite plant will always be Ceropegia Woodii aka string of hearts

How many plants do you have at home?

—inside the house I have 71—outside..too many to count

Have you always had a green thumb or do you remember how did you get the green virus?

—I killed a lot of succulents before gaining my green thumb

What is your job ?

—stay at home mom

why do you like plants?

—they provide color and joy into any environment. They are fun to look at. Every plant has its own characteristics.

what is your oldest plant?

—5 year old haworthia fasciata

what is your most recent?

—watermelon peperomia

a maintenance tip that you would like to share?

—only water when the plant starts showing signs of being thirsty. For example when they start to feel limp

What is your plant on top of your whishlist that you are always looking for?

—cebu blue pothos




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