interview plant addict #9 darkplantmatter

interview plant addict #9 darkplantmatter

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what is your favorite plant?

It's too hard to choose one! But if I had to choose a genus it would be Philodendron! There are so many different varieties and I just love their growing habit (especially the creeping varieties).

How many plants do you have at home?

50 - 60

Have you always had a green thumb or do you remember how did you get the green virus?

Plants are a relatively new passion of mine. I purchased my first indoor plant around 5 years ago and from there my collection grew. I became interested in learning more about plants and decided to study Horticulture

What is your job?


Why do you like plants?

I like plants because, foremost, they are beautiful to look at! But also because there is so much we can learn from them about resilience and adapting to new situations.

what is your oldest plant?

My first houseplant was a spathiphyllum, which I've had for close to 6 years. Its never been a particularly happy plant, but I've never been able to get rid of it. Just recently, it started putting out heaps of new growth (despite it being Winter here) so I think it's a sign that it wants to stay :)

what is your most recent?

Philodendron 'White Knight' and Philodendron 'Florida'

A maintenance tip that you would like to share?

Less is more when it comes to watering. Also, good drainage is key, so I use lots of perlite in my soil mixes.

What is your plant on top of your wishlist that you are always looking for?

I'm always looking for interesting dark-foliaged plants. I'd love to get my hands on a Ludisia Discolor or an Anthurium clarinervium.

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