interview plant addict #1 Frollein Schmid

interview plant addict #1 Frollein Schmid

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what is your favorite plant?

Monstera deliciosa is my all time favorite

How many plants do you have at home?

~70 plants

Have you always had a green thumb or do you remember how did you get the green virus?

It started quite black (I made a cactus die), but with my first Monstera 3 years ago it escalated quickly!

What is your job ?

Art and Maths teacher

why do you like plants?

They make my home a home. (And Mondays aren't that sad anymore as they are #monsteramonday 's

what is your oldest plant?

A Sansevieria from my mother (~10 years old and I already made sooo many new plants out of it!)

what is your most recent?

A Calathea network

a maintenance tip that you would like to share?

Pouring love on your plant does not mean that you should pour plenty of water over it.

What is your plant on top of your whishlist that you are always looking for? 

The Anthurium clarinervium - but yesterday I ordered it online - and you find the illustration of it as my last post here on Instagram.



You can discover her work here : @frollein_schmid

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